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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Harpers Mind

This little contribution from a good friend and fellow curmudgeon was recently found in my inbox and lightened my day so I thought I would share it with my readers. Enjoy!

Harpers Mind

Now I know why my people quit
Not because of my fancy beautiful hair
Seems they were talking, advising I
Only to find, minds just not there.

Where oh where has my mind gone
Had it on stage, singing wonderful songs
They had to applaud, payroll I pay
If wishing to work Con...for another day.

All is quiet not, big trial began
No I shant go to court, I the top man..!!
I have people I bought, with your dime
Best hide some cash, for harder times.

Won't be sad, to see this guy go
Like Mulroney his buddy, minds a bit slow
New leader we need, enough screwing around
Lard thunder jases laddy..narry one yet found.

WallyGuy, May 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Shorter Federal Budget

We intend to spend more than we bring in during the next year, much of it buying votes from higher earning taxpayers, but because we sold off our GM shares and took $2 billion out of reserves we HOPE the books will show a little left over by this time next year. Our current year end figures are a guess as the true figures will not be available for a number of months yet, maybe after the election, we don’t know if we will be able pay off any of the national debt that has been increasing for the past 8 years but will continue to pay massive amounts of interest on it. Most of our promises wont effect our books this year as they don’t take effect for several years up the road and will be the new governments problem and if we get voted in we can always use creative accounting again.

Also see Budget Balanced with EI Surplus

And Making a Mockery of Working Canadians

And Worst 5 things about the Budget

Monday, April 13, 2015

First Flowers of Spring

With the snow all but gone we were able to get our first hike around our bush trails yesterday and whilst there is little new growth showing yet these Hepitica were flowering in this crevice in our favourite rock. Each year a series of forest flowers and plants show their face from this little spot before showing up elsewhere, the rock giving a moderating effect I presume.

The wild Leeks are just showing their tips through the leaf cover and here and there a few violet leaves can be seen just starting to emerge. We thought with this never ending winter the spring flowers would be late this year but with a week of warm and mostly sunny weather forecast they could be early. All I can say is its good to be able to get the old bones moving and see signs of life once again springing up from the forest floor even as the 'to do' list rises faster than the temperature!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Tribute to Grandma & Grandpa

This one came in by email this morning and is worth sharing.

The computer swallowed Grandma,
Yes, honestly it’s true!
She pressed 'control and 'enter'
And disappeared from view.
It devoured her completely,
The thought just makes me squirm.
She must have caught a virus
Or been eaten by a worm.
I've searched through the recycle bin
And files of every kind;
I've even used the Internet,
But nothing did I find.
In desperation, I asked Mr. Google
My searches to refine.
The reply from him was negative,
Not a thing was found 'online.'
So, if inside your 'Inbox,'
My Grandma you should see,
Please 'Copy, Scan' and 'Paste' her,
And send her back to me
This is a tribute to all the Grandpas & Grandmas, Nannas & Pops, who have been fearless and learned to use the Computer.........
They are the greatest!!!

We do not stop playing because we grow old;
We grow old because we stop playing
NEVER Be The First To Get Old!

As one of those 'Old Grandpa's' who looses stuff all too often into the depths of my computer and is still learning I just hope all those of you of similar age enjoy many years of 'Playing' yet.
Happy Easter to all my readers.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Getting Limber for Lumber

Well finally got outside and actually accomplished something, with the snow packed down a little but temps dropping back down to -10 overnight its now possible to get back in the bush without needing snowshoes or being up to your knees in the white crap.
So with my lumber supply dwindled down to scraps I figure I need to get some more pine sawn this year for all those 'Honey Do” and “Dad can you....” projects and to rebuild the back porch that did no survive the avalanche of snow and ice from the house roof when things finally warmed up.

With the sun out and it warming to -5 it was a good day to go and cut some pines, there is little time before the sap rises and once that happens the wood will be stained with a blue/grey left over from the excessive sap once dried. Does not hurt the wood so far as I can see and still usable if being painted but not good for fancy projects or natural staining. The next thing is to get the logs sawn by early June before the Pine Sawyer lays its eggs under the bark and their larva starts to chew the hell out of the wood. These grub are voracious, you can hear then chewing from 15 feet away and after a few day can see the pile of sawdust under the log or tree they have attached. Its a good job they will only lay their eggs on 'dead pines', those that the bark has started to peel so far as I can see, but with any cut log laying past June for any time its taking a chance on it being scrap if not sawn or bark removed.

So we got a few cut, some even fell over (always a problem when selectively cutting in a closely planted pine plantation), none trimmed or cut to length but once cut there is no rush for that. We may even cut a few more Tuesday when its forecast to be a mite warmer, I don’t really need a whole bunch more wood but so long as we are bringing in the sawmill may as well make it worthwhile. Now just got to figure out what size lumber I meed, will be mostly 1” boards but should cut a few 1 1/2” planks and possibly 3/4 for smaller jobs, whatever I cut will not be what I need next year when its ready so its all a guessing game eh.

But it was good to get out and DO something even if the old bones are now telling me that its going to be a while before I am back into summer “working” mode!

Here's to an early spring and a super summer..... Cheers!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Join the National Day of Action Against Bill C-51

Elizabeth May was the first MP to stand up against the Harper government's so-called “anti-terror bill,” which does nothing to improve national security, and is likely unconstitutional.
Join Elizabeth and thousands of other Canadians this Saturday at the National Day of Action To Stop The Secret Police Bill.
Rallies are being organized all across the country.
This Saturday, stand with Elizabeth May in rejecting this dangerous, vague and invasive new legislation.

Defend our Freedom Day of Action: City Hall (Owen Sound)
When: Saturday, March 14th, 2015 at 12:00pm
Where: 808 2nd Ave E, Owen Sound, Onatario 

To find a Rally near you go to http://we.leadnow.ca/stopc51

For more information see

Harper’s police state law

Friday, March 6, 2015

Signs of Spring?

Forsythia Buds - Mar 6 2015

Its been a long cold winter the proof of which many urban folks are being made well aware off with water mains freezing up and others being told to run their taps full time in order to prevent further loss of supply. Here out in the 'boonies' we have our own private well system and thus far it has not frozen despite the recent -20 temperatures, perhaps my failure to clear the snow back to the barn has helped insulate the pipe which runs under that area. There was much less snow this year than last but with no real thaws there is still a good 18” on the ground, I hope it also insulates the perennials out in the garden because the plants in the (largely unheated) greenhouse sure took a hit.

Even as the weather folks say its going to be a late and cool spring I am more optimistic on the days that the sun comes out, it seems like forever since we got a few sunny days. There sure were not many since I last wrote about a sunny day lifting my spirits! The last couple of days have further given me hope as we heard a Cardinal singing and a squirrel emerged and was running around giving our dog Nikki something to chase to work off her spring fever. Those weather forecasters are telling us we will have THREE DAYS in a row with temps ABOVE FREEZING next week, this after almost two months without any kind of thaw! Could this be the start of spring, I sure hope so.

So with the sun out and some small indications that warmer time are coming I feel much better......... till I look out the window and see the ladder up against the house as a reminder to get out and remove the snow and ice from the roof where it is creating an 'ice dam' that will create problems when (if) that partial thaw happens next week. Ah well you cant win them all but at least the race is taking place in SUNLIGHT!