A longtime rural resident, I use my 60 plus years of life learning to opinionate here and elsewhere on the “interweb” on everything from politics to environmental issues. A believer in reasonable discourse rather than unhelpful attacks I try to give positive input to the blogesphere, so feel free to comment upon rural issues or anything else posted here. But don’t be surprised if you comments get zapped if you are not polite in your replys.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Learning Curve

Having been a guest on annother blog for some time and finding myself wanting to be free to express a broader range of opinion I am going to try and start my own blog here. It will be a learning experiance and may take a while before I get it set up to my satisfaction so if you have arived here by mistake please pop back in later because right now it is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

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Rural said...

Finding a recent comments widgit was interesting, blogger aparently does not think we need to do that. Now to find a way of putting them in date and time order with the last comment at the top. Help!