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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sick Leave or Sick of working?

"The employer wants to abolish family related leave and reduce sick leave, this is totally unacceptable," says John Gordon, PSAC National President. Even worse, says Gordon, the employer wants to give authority to a private insurance company that will determine how and when the workers can access sick leave benefits.

Canada Post had issued a statement Friday saying it had reached a "tentative agreement" with its counter staff, technical support and other support employees, who have been on strike since Nov. 17.
The post office said it includes a 2.5 per cent salary increase over the first two years and a 2.75 per cent increase over the third and fourth years of the contract.

The auditor also found a "serious absenteeism problem" in Ontario's jails, where corrections officers take an average of 32.5 sick days each year.
McCarter's audit team wondered if the guards were "gaming the system" when the absentee rate in one institution jumped 55 per cent the year after it was transferred from a private company to become government-run.

The 2300 drivers, maintenance workers and dispatchers at OC Transpo are on strike over scheduling, sick leave and pay issues. ...

I wonder how many folks that are in the private sector and taking home $10 - $12 per hour or less get PAID sick leave………..

If you have a job and are offered a 2% raise per year and turn it down because of reduced sick leave benefits you don’t deserve the bloody job, suck it up and get back to work!!

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