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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pot meet Kettle!

Yesterday MP Bill Casey stood up in the House and revealed that unknown Conservatives had approached his local RCMP detachment with accusations of embezzlement, apparently regarding a cheque issued by the Conservative Party just prior to his being thrown out of the Party for doing his job. The accusations were false. The cheque was returned by the riding association and the Con-bots knew it. Mr Casey is not the first ex Conservitive MP to be on the receiving end of this sort of attack, I suspect Garth Turner could give him a blow by blow synopsis of the Con tactics on this one!

This brings to mind other such false accusation which in each case seem to mirror what the Party faithful have, or are, doing and getting away with it. In this case we have the Con’s falsely accusing a (now) independent MP, one that all agree is a particularly honest and respected man, of “embezzling party funds, this by a Party that even now is under investigation for taxpayer fraud in the funding of the election finances.
Then we have the manual issued by the Con’s on how to disrupt committees followed by accusing the opposition of making parliament “dysfunctional”. The constant accusation of the proposed coalition being “undemocratic” this after two years of concerted attempts to undermine our parliamentary democracy inside and outside the House. There have been many other occasions when I have said to myself “wait a minute, isn’t that what THEY just did” but I cannot recall them all, I should have been keeping better records!

Just consider this each and every time the Conservatives, their “leader” or their “spin machine” accuses an opposition MP or Party of wrong doing you had better check and see when they did the same thing. About the only thing they haven’t accused others of is manipulating the press, spreading misinformation and excessive false advertising, maybe that is just a little too close to home?

The other big news from my point of view was that 6 Liberal MP’s showed that they truly represented their constituents by voting against the budget where it was particularly hard upon their area. Finally we are seeing a few MP’s with gonads, how nice of Igniff to “allow” them to vote on behalf of their constituents! It is long past time for ALL our MP’s to start representing US instead of the Party!

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