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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Out to Grass?

I said in a previous post that I would not be as active on my blog during the summer months, that does not however mean that we out here in the boonies have been missing all the news. Simply that I am more inclined to try and ignore it all and enjoy the outdoors whilst we may.

So here is a compendium of some of the stuff that has caught my attention in the past few weeks….
Off the top, whats with the City of Toronto workers who are not satisfied with actually having a job but are now threatening a strike if the don’t get their own way. Are these folk living in the same world as the rest of us, we now have 129,000 MORE folks unemployed in Ontario than this time last year. That's 129 THOUSAND families wondering how to pay the rent, or how long their savings will hold out and these Garbage Collectors and other city employees who are hardly highly skilled OR hard done by are dissatisfied with their lot!! I got news for you guys (and all the other unionized arseholes who want MORE or are inflexible in their work habits) there are over 300,000 workers out there looking for jobs (in Ontario alone) and the only thing between you and joining them is union protectionism and I suspect that most taxpayers are getting very tired of such BS.

Meanwhile up in Ottawaaaa, our government has sold off some silverware belonging to the Queen and on loan for state occasions. They sold of a whole bunch more stuff also at around 10% of the value, apparently they “didn’t know what it was” or some such BS despite being told that if you MUST sell it should be appraised but a couple of thousand to do that was too much so instead they practically gave it away and now have had to “retrieve” it (read pay more than it sold for to get it back)

The Chalk River Nuclear reactor finally went tilt, exactly as the former Safety Commissioner said it would, but now it seems that our government does not consider the supply of medical isotopes to be a major problem. Perhaps some of these folk have been visiting Chalk River too often and had their brain cells fried, oh sorry, guess that their normal “It wasn’t us, its not our fault, there is nothing we can do, all will be ok, the sun is shining” etc etc spin machine at work!

As that ever vigilant blogger Impolitical points out “One after another, judges on the Federal Court and the Supreme Court have chastened, rather than trusted, the federal government. Perhaps judicial activism on these benches is rampant; more likely, Ottawa is consistently wrong.”
Yep, but that wont stop them from challenging such court decisions after all ideology is king and to hell with the rule of law, all the speeches Harper makes praising the openness of the Canadian system, the sacrifice our veterans made to keep it and the rule of law as the Canadian way will not make it so when each and every action by government goes in the OPPOSITE direction.

Oh, you say, but they are going to be tough on crime! Yeah right! By seeking, arresting, charging, trying and convicting and finally jailing someone who grow just 6 (SIX) “grass” plants for personal use. Hmmm, wonder if they have figured that out in their “economic recovery plan”, should only cost a few million to pass that lot through the court system. Then of course there is all the temporary employment from build all those new prisons, no wonder the infrastructure money is slow to flow they already have it tagged for a new prison in evey Tory riding across the country!! Meanwhile our Cities are becoming a good place to check out those hand guns from our southern neighbors, which weapons are, for those still in la la land, illegal to own with out a special permit. Anyone who thinks that asking these criminals to register their handguns is going to make one iota of difference to the crime stats is ready to join the bunch in Ottawa at the funny farm.

And you wonder why I try and make like a hermit and let the world go by, thankfully we can ignore much of it (not that we SHOULD) but the unemployment bit sure takes a bite. No Jobs up here unless you are a “professional” looking to join the 3.5 million or so other Public Service Employees who are already paid from one level of taxpayers money or another. Good luck with that, you will probably have to cross a picket line to apply!

Me, cynical, you have to be joking…….

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