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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Reinstate the Rabies Clinics

Recently there has been a least one confirmed case of Rabies found in a local (wild) animal and we should all perhaps make sure our pets are vaccinated BUT with the demise of the annual rabies clinics 2 or 3 years ago I am quite sure that many pets no longer receive regular shots. It used to be that a quick trip to the local veterinarian and $20 would quickly and inexpensively get the job done, now its much more time consuming and much more expensive, no longer can we go to the local vet (in our case a “large animal veterinarian” who participated in the rabies clinic initiative) but must drag into town to a “small animal vet” who charges $100 or more to do what was affordable and now is not for many families in these troubled times.

A call to the local Health Authorities reveals that it is not the County or the MoH that has stopped this “service” but the Veterinarians who have refused to participate. The “excuse” being given is apparently that “we must give the animal a full examination before administering the shot”, strange that this was not necessary until recently! I think perhaps this is just a effort to increase profits, after all I cannot believe that it is in the best interest of either the health and welfare of either the dog or the owners to be forced to shell out what for some is more than a days wages just to get a quick shot in the dogs ass that may prevent the transference of rabies to other pets or to other citizens!

Ok, ok, I can hear the argument “$100 is a small price to pay for the safety of you pet and family” and you are correct, IF that $100 fee does not make the owner decide that the cost outweighs the risk. I simply do not understand why the vets would not put the good of the community before their need for profit. We (the pet owners) all appreciated the 2 or 3 hours that the vets committed to the rabies clinics each year in the past, perhaps we did not let them know that, or perhaps there are other reasons for their decision, but this kind of fee for such a minor shot that protects us all does nothing to increase my already jaundiced view of SMALL animal veterinarians.

All I am saying is don’t piss off my dog….. because she may not be up to date on her shots….. the owner, well he is already pissed off but he does not bite!!

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