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Sunday, October 11, 2009

A word about Workfare

With EI having run out for many I suspect as I said before that the number of folks applying for welfare I workfare will be going up. I recently became aware of one of the things that young folk cannot do if they wish to get assistance from this safety net. Move in with their parents!

It seems that someone in dire circumstances can rent a hovel or a mansion, live with their aunt, uncle, brother, sister, a neighbor, a friend or any one but their parents and receive assistance to pay rent and grocery bills or room and board.
It would seem that their parents could even live with them (provided that they didn’t pay enough rent to build the applicants bank balance above about $550) and still be eligible for help.

How very bizarre. Moving in with parents and paying a small amount to cover costs is not considered to be a person in need, moving in with a brother (and their family) and paying the same amount is considered a person in need! What is even more bizarre is that welfare / workfare payments are based upon costs (with limitations) so that renting an apartment at $500 month and living expenses to maintain that separate existence will be supported whilst living at “home” at less than half that cost will not.

So there you go folks, if your son or daughter who lives at home is unable to find work or laid off and out of unemployment, and therefore unable to contribute to household expenses - kick them out. The government will then pick up the tab instead of straining the perhaps already tight family budget.

I hope you are on good terms with a relation or friend in the same situation because then all you have to do is switch homes and start collecting. Don’t feel guilty for “playing” the system, that seems to be what you have to do in order to get help.

As for actually finding a job and moving on with life…….., good luck with that. Try applying for government jobs because that is where all those “new jobs created” that Harper is boasting about are to be found. Our tax dollars at work.............. enough said!

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