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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Not a Good Start

Like all Canadians I was saddened to hear of the death of an athlete at the 2001 games just before the opening ceremonies but one wonders if that is why the Canadian National Anthem was sung more like a funeral dirge that a celebratory salute to our country. Not the singers fault we are told as that is how she was instructed to sing it!

That the start of the ceremonies consisted of four giant condoms being inflated above those representing our native peoples did little to make me feel patriotic. It did get better - at times – some skillful lighting effects made up for even more of the less than uplifting musical background to the “cultural” portion of the presentation. The fiddlers and tap dancers finally woke me up enough to take notice, at which point it being waay past my bed time I switched off figuring I would leave on a high note. Not being a hockey fan the fact that I missed Greskey lighting the flame is no big deal, like everything else in our world today its all over-hyped in my opinion.

I really hope that our athletes do a better job than those responsible for the opening ceremonies, if the money spent on the stage show was available to the athletes they probably would have a much better chance! Probably having some snow would help also, but we cant blame that on the organizers…. or can we? Historically the warmest place in Canada during the winter, one wonders what the committee was thinking when choosing Vancouver!

Good luck Guys, with both the weather and the results..

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