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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Funding Priorities

Regular readers will know that I still struggle with dialup internet, even here in SW Ontario just 20 minutes from town there is no dsl, wireless is "out of range" but with the need for a tower, hardware depost and high monthly fees is out of my price range anyway. The only other option, satelite internet is then wayyyyy out of my grasp!

For a take on this from someone who's view is not coloured by the frustration of a slooooow connection see This piece from Impolitical!


Mark Taylor said...

The problem is that the Conservatives hold the rural vote, Liberals and NDP have abandoned it and the Greens refuse to challenge for it. Therefore, they (the government) don't have to promise the rural ridings anything and especially don't have to deliver anything because.... those regions are still going to vote Conservative.

Laura said...

Two things you may be interested in Rural:


http://openparliament.ca/ - this is awesome, you can sign up to get emails when your MP speaks or look for a specific topic. You should be able to use it easily on Dial-up.

Rural said...

Thanks for that Laura, the "Open Parliament" site does indeed look good, would that our government could produce such pages!
I am not very optimistic that "infrastructure funding" will actually result in any meaningful "affordable" high speed Internet for us rural types. I am still waiting.....