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Monday, December 20, 2010

There goes any hope of redemption...


OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper today filled two vacancies in the Senate, announcing the appointments of Don Meredith and Larry Smith.   (Thus now having a majority of “Conservative” senators in the upper chamber)

The Reverend Don Meredith is the Executive Director and co-founder of the GTA Faith Alliance .......The Reverend attended Ryerson University and holds a master's degree from California State Christian University.  He is the Pastor of the Pentecostal Praise Centre in Maple, Ontario.

Larry Smith is a widely-recognized in Quebec.......known in Montreal from his days as a fullback with the Montreal Alouettes .........He has received numerous awards including the Commissioner's Award for conserving the CFL (2001),  the American Marketing Association-Marketer of the Year and Sports Personality of the Year

So a football jock come salesman to kick the shit outa ya and tell ya its for your own good, and a preacher who hold a “degree” from a U.S. “Christian” university to pray that the truth will stay hidden. This is the best two individuals that Harper can find to appoint to the Senate? When you consider that Duffy was one the last lot you can see how desperate he is to get his majority in the Senate so that he can rise to the position of Dictator of Canada.

Praise the lord, praise the lord, Harper is nigh........

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