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Monday, June 3, 2013

$9.99 Internet from Rogers!

“Rogers Communications is partnering with Microsoft Canada and Compugen computers to provide affordable internet service to some 58,000 low-income households in Toronto Community Housing buildings.” “ By August, the company hopes to be able to offer broadband internet access for $9.99 a month to all subsidized households in Toronto’s public housing portfolio. The internet service, with speeds of 3Mbps and usage allowance up to 30 GB, usually retails for between $40 and $45 a month, Bruce noted.”
That’s absolutely great for those low income residents of Toronto's public housing and Rogers deserves some credit for this BUT what about low income folks in other cities, not renting from the city or out in rural areas? I note that usage of 30GB usually retails for around $40, I wish! My internet from Rogers (via a wireless hub, the only internet available other than even more expensive satellite) is indeed around $40 a month but the usage allowance is just 10% of that quoted with a threshold of just 3GB before extra charges kick in.
If we assume, as I think we can, that they are not providing this service at less than cost then we can also see that the profit margin on regular subscribers is such that prices for those of us for whom such deals are not available should also see some reduction in our monthly charges. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen though!
As a 'low income' senior in rural Ontario I continue to wonder when we here outside of the urban jungle will start to get some attention from those touting affordable internet for all Canadians.

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