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Monday, January 27, 2014

Is it Spring Yet?

Spring, where art thou...!!

Beautiful snow so white and deep
Hear it crunch beneath my feet
Nose is red and dripping I know
Could be the frost, or this bloody snow.
Allergic I am to this white stuff now
Our street coming in...they forgot to plow
Got er done through backlash of blow
Glasses now frozen at 18 below.
Birds of plenty here we feed
Seems they drop a lot of seed
Squirrels taking care of this I see
Damn !! here we go again, I gotta go pee.

Wiarton Wally.... Jan 20 2014

More snow..yaaaa!!

I look out my window there to see
Another foot of white shit waiting for me
Birds pissed off..and rightfully so
Newly filled feeders...under same foot of snow.
But wise I be this time around
Snow shovel inside, easily found
Pull cord attached for fast start and go
Yep..sure as hell..tis another foot of snow.
Peace on earth here, we old folks to find
Neighbour's all left, searching warmer sunshine
But bad news for them as I have been told
Temps down Florida way...is way down low.
One month now past since Christmas Day
Snowing ever since, but spring's on the way
If we get on through February..we can survive
Either that my friends..or be buried alive.
Lovely, lovely white crap my mind to say
Beautiful scenery, where city folks like to play
A skidoo would be nice, if booze runs low
Beer truck stuck somewhere...
In this new foot of snow.
Wiarton Wally.... Jan 25 2014

Is it spring yet...!!

Ah yes my fellow age challenged friend
This never ending winter is enough to drive us round the bend
A nightmare had, did dream of even more of this $%^&* snow
Awoke to see that once again drive full and must blow
Sun long gone, dull and low light makes us SAD
Clearing this crap each day just make me bloody mad
Dull days and snow we expect, here just east of lake
But it don’t seem right to go this long with narry a break
Cold and snow is normal I guess, but here’s the thing
Its going to be a long few months awaiting a warmer spring
I should go out and use the ageing tractor, it will start I think
But I am much more inclined to simply stay in and have another drink!

Rural Rumdrinker.... Jan 27 2014

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