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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Natures Carpenter?

Having finally had a couple of warm (above 20c, yahooo)  sunny days and with most of the snow cover gone we had our first walk around our forest trail since last fall. The heavy snow cover has seemed to protect the woodland plants in that within about 48 hrs of the snow uncovering the south facing hills they were covered with Hepatica in full bloom, the Wild Leeks and Trout Lilly were shooting up through and even a few purple stems of Cohosh could be seen. As we gently ( my back is still in winter mode and it may be some time before I am full mobile) strolled around the trail we noticed this:-

Kinda looks like natures carpenter forgot to clean up after himself doesn't it? Nope its natures  insect exterminator telling us that this maple may as well come down for next seasons fuel-wood. The Pilated Woodpecker has be very busy here recently......

Thats quite a days work there buddy! Some folks get really upset when woodpeckers of any sort start hacking at their trees but generals they will not do much damage unless the tree is already infested with insects and that means its already in poor condition. It is also somewhat amazing how long such a tree will continue to stand even after over half of the guts of it has gone. We have a basswood in the same condition (due to the same carpenter) that I am scared to cut down for fear of the top half falling on my head but even with all the snow and ice load and high winds overwinter its still standing. Nature is very resilient!

Now.... to get my back prepared for trail clearing, logging, gardening, equipment repair, grass mowing? Think I will just look at the jobs to be done for a few days........

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