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Monday, September 22, 2014

Chatsworth Township Municipal Election

The following people will be standing for Council in Chatsworth Township to be held on Monday October 27, 2014.  The Township of Chatsworth 2014 Election is a Vote by Mail Election,

Mayor (one to be elected)
PRINGLE, Bob (incumbent) 216732 Conc 4, Chatsworth On, N0H 1G0 519-794-2579
SMITH, Ron 796420 East Back Line, Berkeley On, N0H 1C0 519-270-5260

Deputy Mayor (one to be elected)
MACKEY, Scott (councillor) 777697 Hwy 10, RR 1, Chatsworth On, N0H 1G0 519-794-3356
MCKAY, Terry (incumbent) 134 Crawford St, Box 116, Chatsworth On, N0H 1G0 519-794-2837

Councillor (three to be elected)
DOWNEY, Jerry 824027 Massie Rd, RR 5, Chatsworth On, N0H 1G0 519-794-3121
ERIKSEN, Joshua E 116819 Grey Road 3, RR 2, Desboro On, N0H 1K0 519-371-2502
GAMBLE, Brian (incumbent) 236053 Conc 2B, RR 2, Chatsworth On, N0H 1G0 519-794-2952
GREIG, Shawn 158 Boundary Rd, RR 3, Chatsworth On, N0H 1G0 519-794-4053
PANKRATZ, Helmut 736031 West Back Line, Markdale On, N0C 1H0 519-986-1468
SIMMONDS, Trina 396666 Conc 2, Chatsworth On, N0H 1G0 519-794-4813
SMITH, William 703140 Walker SR, RR 1, Chatsworth On, N0H 1G0 519-794-4307
THOMPSON, Elizabeth 776761 Hwy 10, Holland Centre On, N0H 1R0 519-794-2308

Councillor Cornelius Vlielander will not be standing for reelection.

You should receive your voting form in the mail shortly. You may contact the  Municipal Office @ 519-794-3232 or visit the Municipal Office at 316837 Highway 6 to confirm that you are on the Voter's List.
See the Township Website for further information.

The Township of Chatsworth is holding an All Candidates Meeting on Thur Oct 22 from & till 9.30 pm at the Williamsford Community Center.

As usual this information is hidden in a PDF file on the township website, I have yet to hear any mention of it on local radio........ best kept secret?

As a service to township residents I offer this space to those standing for election to publish a short resume and statement should they wish. See the contact link in the sidebar.

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