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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Chatsworth Election Results

Unofficial results courtesy Bayshore News

Chatsworth Mayor
Elected Candidate Vote % Incumbent
X Bob Pringle 1968 70.92 X
  Ron Smith 807 29.08  

Chatsworth Deputy Mayor
Elected Candidate Vote % Incumbent
  Terry McKay 740 26.49 X
X Scott Mackey 2053 73.51  

Chatsworth Councillors (3 to be elected)
Elected Candidate Vote % Incumbent
X Brian Gamble 1569 20.67 X
X Shawn Greig 1368 18.02  
  William Smith 149 1.96  
  Joshua E Eriksen 1047 13.79  
  Helmut Pankratz 719 9.47  
  Jerry Downey 1131 14.9  
  Trina Simmonds 327 4.31  
X Elizabeth Thompson 1280 16.86  

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