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Monday, April 13, 2015

First Flowers of Spring

With the snow all but gone we were able to get our first hike around our bush trails yesterday and whilst there is little new growth showing yet these Hepitica were flowering in this crevice in our favourite rock. Each year a series of forest flowers and plants show their face from this little spot before showing up elsewhere, the rock giving a moderating effect I presume.

The wild Leeks are just showing their tips through the leaf cover and here and there a few violet leaves can be seen just starting to emerge. We thought with this never ending winter the spring flowers would be late this year but with a week of warm and mostly sunny weather forecast they could be early. All I can say is its good to be able to get the old bones moving and see signs of life once again springing up from the forest floor even as the 'to do' list rises faster than the temperature!

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