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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Old Fergie & Big Blue.

A few weeks ago I waved goodby to my faithful old British built Ferguson tractor, I remain so totally impressed with this, the first of the factory built farm tractors with the ability to hook up to, lift, and provide power to implements that I was sad to see it leave. It did not however go to the tractor graveyard but on to another owner who will, I am firmly convinced, get many years of use out of it yet. That I can say that for a 60 year old piece of equipment says much for the quality and longevity of these tractors conceived by Harry Ferguson just after the end of WW2. They simply do not make stuff like this any more, even the steel seems to be of better quality, removing a bolt from a 5 year old piece of junk is often an almost impossible task, rusted, seized or broken off is the norm whereas working on this tractor near as old as the owner I never has such problems during the 15 years I had it.

The only reason I replaced it is the need for something with 4WD both for safer use in the hilly terain in my bush and for ease of use in blowing snow during the winter. After looking for used Kudoba and similar “compact” tractors in the 30hp range I stumbled upon a New Holland TC30 at a price I could not turn down. Lined up for auction I asked for the price 'pre auction' and got it at the reserve price.

In the last few days, having hooked up the home built hydraulic winch not sold with old Fergie and hauled out the first big hardwood logs with it (not the first logs but the first with this tractor). I must say that everything went well, the biggest advantage was not so much the 4WD but the power steering, it was tough to get Fergie into a tight spot with the armstrong steering but with this one its a piece of cake. So it works good, now to figure out the maintenance on it, with hydrostatic drive, a diesel engine instead of gas and more pipes, hoses and filters than I care to count it is much more complex that the old 50s tractor and probably will need much more TLC, only time will tell!

Old Fergie has now gone on to continue with its long career with a new owner, but what to do with his compatriot full of spare parts sitting behind the barn, is it now parts for someone else , scrap metal by weight or a boat anchor? 

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