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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Strategic Voting in Bruce-Grey Owen Sound.

For those who wish to rid ourselves of the would be dictator Stephen Harper and his unelected PMO henchmen and if you put any believe in political polls (and I recognize that they are far from reliable) then you should be aware of the recent numbers given by “Vote Together” in a LOCAL poll commissioned with funds raised by local citizens.

A similar poll taken in mid September showed Liberal Kimberly Love at 29% and Larry Miller at 43%. Now the latest poll shows Kimberly at 40% just one point behind Miller. I do not intend to tell anyone how to vote but if you want to see the end of the destruction of our democracy and the disdain for parliamentary process then the choice is obvious. Even in this supposedly 'safe' Conservative riding there is a move afoot for change and I urge my readers to join me in electing someone other that a conservative in order to have any hope of bringing about a return to a more open and democratic government.

I have nothing against Mr Miller except to say this.....
Any Conservative MP who has not spoken out against the efforts of Harper and the PMO to dictate to those whom we have elected to represent us in the House of Commons not only how they must vote but to speak only the party pre scriped lines is no less guilty than their “Leader” and his unelected PMO enforcers.

Democracy Requires Dialogue not secrecy and refusal to debate and answer questions.

Nationality the average of all the polls as shown at Poll Tracker gives a minority Liberal government but with the Conservatives still withing striking distance of same.

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