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Friday, March 13, 2009

The Budget Fiasco

Most Canadians will be aware this morning that the controversial omnibus budget, over half of which contains unrelated matters which should have been considered separately, has passed in the senate. Despite the valiant efforts of a few independent Senators to split it and fast track the budget measures only it has now been returned to the House for final assent.

The sudden turn around of the Liberal Senators was due to a “hidden” clause that effectively said that the longer it takes to pass this bill the more EI recipients will not be eligible for extended benefits. What a crock! Firstly it was not hidden, it just proves that parliamentarians typically vote upon legislation without knowing exactly what is in it. Secondly, so what, these workers (and some in my family are on that list) will run out of EI sooner or later anyway. A few more weeks will help but it is jobs we need if we are not all to be on welfare this time next year. Thirdly, passing bad or unknown legislation in order to get a some other more urgent matters passed shows just how dysfunctional out parliament has become.

The refusal of the government to split the non budgetary items from this bill and the failure of the opposition to support the senate in doing so effectively means that once again the Harper regime, with the support of the Liberals is running the country with no regard for our parliamentary processes. It is in my view a direct attack upon our democracy and but one more indication of the slide towards governance by Prime-ministerial decree!

Yes, we will be pleased to have a couple more weeks to find a job (ha, ha) before money runs out but I would much sooner see some MP's doing THEIR job rather than following their leaders like sheep. Perhaps it is they that should be laid off!

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