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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Democracy under Fire….

…is a new blog “to give a voice to our concern about the continued erosion of our democratic processes both within the House of Commons and within our electoral system. Here you will find articles about the current problems within our parliamentary democracy, about actions both good and bad by our elected representatives, about possible solutions, opinions and debate about the state of democracy in Canada, and about our roles/responsibilities as democratic citizens.”
Its early days yet but it is hoped that this blog will get some additional dialog going about the ongoing failure of our politicians and many others in our society to recognize the fragility of our parliamentary democracy and actively protect it.

There are a number of web sites expressing the same concern and others promoting changes to our electoral system but this is perhaps the first open Blog to focus almost entirely upon this issue.

If you care about Canadian Democracy, or even if you don’t, visit the blog once in a while and you may just learn something or even better be moved to get involved in protecting and enhancing our democracy.

Former MP David Kilgore said it best:-
“All too often in Canada and elsewhere there has been a tendency to equate democracy with the holding of elections, forgetting that democracy must be continuously nurtured – not just once every four or five years. Democracy demands vigilance, and a willingness to pose difficult questions and to take risks. I do not mean by that only taking to the streets to complain about what is wrong, but also advocating constructive alternatives.”


Scott in Montreal said...

I may live to regret this but,...

Where do i sign?

Rural said...

I know the feeling, glad to have you Scott. Go the the web site click on "contact us" and drop us an email, let us know how you would like to become involved, as a regular guest blogger or by sending an article or link to suitable stuff once in a while, or whatever.
I hopw we be joined by several others in this project soon.