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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion

Between assembling articles for our new blog Democracy Under Fire, starting to clear our trails of the winter debris, chipping the leftover branches from the pines recently sawn into lumber for various projects, starting the annual fight with the twitch grass in our perennial beds, creating several new gardens for the Rhododendrons and Azaleas grown from seed 3 years ago and now ready for a permanent spot, checking over our stock of lawnmowers and trimmers for sale and several other of the usual spring chores I simply have not been blogging here as much. Phew, even the list makes me feel tired!

My blogging partner from the Democracy blog seems to be in much the same boat out in BC, she just held a course on Permaculture and started a blog about it, has been busy blogging about her increasing family of chickens, rabbits and other strays as well as getting involved in discussions about the BC vote on STV. Seems we both need to focus on one thing at a time but that is hard to do when you really want to “do it all”!

Fortunately here in SW Ontario the sunny days have been interspersed with rainy days, forcing me inside for a sorely need rest of the old bones and giving me time to catch up with the blogospere. We even found a little time to walk the trails WITHOUT the chainsaw and enjoy the spring flowers. The Hepatica are now all but done but the Trout Lilly’s and Bloodroot are out, the Trilliums and Bellwort are showing colour and the Orchids and Violets are green and poking up through the layer of fallen leaves from the fall.

So I hope you enjoy this post, visit some of the links provided, consider visiting us for your lawn and garden equipment repairs or if you need a good used mower or trimmer; or even simply come tour our trails during the next few week when the woodland flower show can only be called spectacular. Meanwhile sorry if it gets kinda quiet here but I am Just a Little bit Busy!

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