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Saturday, April 18, 2009


…has arrived in SW Ontario, at least for now. I for one will not be fully convinced till the end of May, having had my tomatoes frosted off after the May long weekend, but a recent hike through our bush has me most optimistic!

A recent gentle stroll down the trails through our 30 acres of pine and hardwood bush revealed a particularly fine showing of Hepatica flowers poking up through the dead leaves of fall, the wild leeks are showing green and a careful examination will reveal the Blue Cohosh and the Trilliums just poking through. That long sunless winter is finally a thing of the past, and like the flowers the things to be done are also springing up, having taken the opportunity of an open week last month to take a few of our larger pines out to “let the light in” and to give the old man some materials to build “stuff” for sale (this household being like many others and looking for additional income) we had the saw mill in last week to cut it into usable lumber. It was a tough two or three days on this old body, between handling the logs and boards and cleaning up the slab wood after, it was a good job I had some younger bones to help me out. Must be getting old, or tired, or lazy, or…….

Then our little hike revealed several trees blown over in winter storms down across our trails, or laying close, teasing me by calling “next years fire wood, fire wood, come get me!”. With such “little” jobs calling there is no difficulty filling our days, the difficulty comes in finding enough energy to do it all, I find that at my age (not telling you, but lets just say that some days I feel older than others!) I am good for 3 or 4 hours of steady physical labour before I feel a blogging moment coming on, where an hour sitting in front of the keyboard thinking about what to write puts a whole new spring in my step….for at least the next 10 Min!

This whole thing is my way of saying that its so bloody good to be outside DOING something that’s its hard to not try and do it all in one day, the pant size that increased 2” over the last 5 or 6 months now is shrinking by the day and the winter blahs are a thing of the past. No shrink needed, just give me a stroll in the woods with the spring flowers poking up through and I am good to go for another 6 months.

Strangely I even feel less inclined to bitch about our political “masters”, the over paid auto “worker” who cannot survive on less than $100 thousand a year. Even the total lack of jobs in our rural county bothers me much less when the sun is out, is this why some of our politicians think that the sun shines out their ……… oh well never mind, I was trying to leave that shit behind for at least one post!

Anyway folks, if you happen to be within traveling distance of us here in Grey Bruce Counties of Ontario and want to get that spring feeling do take a look at some of the pics of our trails and consider visiting, we would be glad to show you around and give you that “spring feeling”. If on the other hand you want to get your feeling about the demise of our democracy off your chest and a good rant will make you feel better, then feel free to visit our new blog Democracy under Fire where opinions and articles about Canadian Democracy can be found.

Do please enjoy the spring weather, the spring flowers and the spring feeling, just like most things in this life it will be fleeting, make the best of it whilst you can!

Spring………… YAhoooooooo

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