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Saturday, January 23, 2010

No Prorouge Rally

Please visit http://picasaweb.google.com/ruralpic/OwenSoundRally# for a few pics of the Owen Sound Rally. Due to my 28k connect speed they are not HQ but if you want one in a better quality contact me.

The rally against proroguing parliament in Owen Sound had about 250 – 300 citizens out in front of MP Larry Millers office to hear speakers from various individuals, political parties (no Mr Miller though!) and labour organizations speak to the distain that the Harper regime has shown for our democratic institutions. The point that was made by all was that this is not about political partisan views but about our parliamentary democracy and accountability of the government to that institution.

The highlight of the whole rally was however a young fellow who in conversations with organizers just as folks gathered impressed them so much that they said “would you like to say a few words to the crowd?”, having said that he would, he then went on to speak passionately and without preparation or notes about the current situation in Ottawa and the need for citizens to get involved.

He received the greatest ovation from the crowd of all the speakers and was almost mobbed by the several press representatives present after he had spoke. I suspect his name will be prominent in the local news tomorrow and I will update this post with links to appropriate articles as they become available.

I spoke briefly to him between interviews and he said how hard it was to not become depressed by the feeling of helplessness in effecting change but that this rally had given him much hope. I invited him to contact me should he wish to put some of his views and ideas into a post for my blog Democracy Under Fire and I truly hope that he contacts me. The future of Canada rests in our youth and this young man is one who this old fart would be glad to see have a large part in our future governance.

Update – Here is a link to the Sun Times article on the Owen Sound Rally

The speakers were labour leaders, community activists, former and current political candidates and student Jon Farmer, 19, who said he is "an anti-party person myself." Asked just minutes before taking the megaphone if he would give his youth perspective at the gathering, Farmer spoke off the cuff about his disappointment in Harper, Miller and the "broken" system.
"We're only the start," Farmer said. "Because we care, it's our responsibility to make sure people keep talking about what is happening. Our parliamentary system is broken down right now, it may even be rotten from the inside out."

Well said Jon, you are welcome to express your views here or at the blog http://democracyunderfire.blogspot.com/ - Democracy requires dialog, please join us!

UPDATE – For those with high speed here is a link to Jon speaking at the rally


Anonymous said...

Good post. But the word is "disdain", not "distain".

Common mistake, but it's spreading.

Rural said...

You are correct, I shall have to watch that one in the future. My school years are looong gone and my spelling was poor even then!!