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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well done Councilors

As I have said before I am a supporter of wind power….. in the right place and at the right price. BUT the heath problems, property value and visual impacts upon local residents MUST be addressed before these large corporate wind farm installations are approved. The environmental assessment process must be fully reinstated to protect local residents and local councils must have the ability to make the final decision on the projects not senior levels of government remote from the local area impacted.

So thank you to all these municipal councils and more particularly my own council in Chatsworth.

Township of Chatsworth Resolution:

WHEREAS there are concerns about the impact of adverse health effects, caused by large scale wind turbines,
AND WHEREAS it appears that no third party independent review of the impact of these adverse health effects has been completed.
NOW THEREFORE be it resolved that the Township of Chatsworth support MPP Bill Murdoch’s Private Members Bill imposing a moratorium on new construction of wind turbines untill such time as the Medical Officer Of Health for Ontario has deemed that there are no health issues caused by large wind turbines;
AND FURTHER that the Township of Chatsworth not support construction of any large scale commercial wind turbines within the Township until such time as a third party independent study has determined that there are no health risks caused by the said wind turbines

42 other municipalities have also enacted similar resoulutions including Town of the Blue Mountain, Bruce and Huron Counties, and Grey Highlands as shown below.

Resolution from the Grey Highlands Council:

RE: Removal of local land use planning controls for renewable energy facilities
“WHEREAS , the Municipality of Grey Highlands is concerned that the removal of local land use planning controls for renewable energy facilities will have a detrimental effect on the Municipality;
AND WHEREAS, the passage of Bill 150 will limit the ability of the Municipality to provide meaningful comment and participation in the placement of wind and other renewable energy facilities with the removal of power under the Planning Act;
AND WHEREAS, without powers under the Planning Act, the Municipality will no longer be able to require Agreements related to access, landscaping, and securities for renewable energy projects;
AND WHEREAS, the Municipality will no longer be able to address the needs of the local area in such an Agreement.
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Municipality of Grey Highlands requests that the Province undertake a comprehensive review of the potential health and land use impacts (including property values) to the General Public associated with the placement of all Renewable Energy Facilities; and review the proposal to remove local land use planning controls under the Planning Act through Bill 150.”


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Update: There are now 51 councils on board. Thanks for your post.