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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shorter throne Speech….

The Regime that has been busy cutting funding to woman’s programs now wants to give them “equality” by changing a couple of words in the National Anthem.
Upon returning from their 3 month “recalibration” holiday they wish to reintroduce EXACTLY the same legislation that THEY killed by proroguing parliament by regurgating previous promises using phrases like "Our government will continue," or "keep" or "reintroduce".
Freezing the already generous salaries of MPs and Senators but nothing said of their pensions which we pay 90% of.
Nothing about their unkept promise of several years ago of being “Open and Accountable”, or of Climate Change issues, but they have 19 Billion “infrastructure stimulus” left to bribe us with and spend on ads telling us how well they are doing!

In short, more of the same.

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