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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rally to Defend our Democracy.

Prime Minister Harper is trying to ram his Omnibus Budget Bill through Parliament this week. Opposition MPs are doing everything in their power to stop it, and more and more Conservative politicians are speaking out against the anti-democratic bill.

Send an urgent message to all the Conservative MPs in your province, calling on them to be one of the 13 heroes we need to stand up to Harper and defend our democracy.

Just 13 Conservative MPs can stop this Budget Bill, split it apart and start over, by simply telling Prime Minister Harper that they would deny him the majority of votes he needs to pass it.


These MPs are isolated in a government that keeps them in the dark and discourages them from representing our voices. We need a strong show of support for principled, honest action now to give our MPs the courage they need.

The Budget Bill is becoming a symbol of the struggle to defend Canadian democracy. Many Conservative MPs have deep concerns about the bill. Now they face a real choice: will they allow this reckless bill to pass, or will they stand up to Harper and defend our democracy?

Voting on the bill starts in Parliament this week. We need your help to create a massive public outcry right now, and flood Conservative MP offices with thousands of messages calling on them to defend our democracy and stop the Budget Bill:

Click here to send an urgent message direct to the Conservative MP constituency offices in your province, calling on them to be one of the 13 heroes we need to stop this bill:

From flooding Conservative MPs with pro-democracy messages, to amplifying opposition to this bill in the media, to rallying at MP offices on Wednesday night, we have a real opportunity to bring Canadians together, from across the political spectrum, to stand up to Harper and his Ministers.

Locally citizens of all political stripes will again be gathering outside Larry Miller's Office in Owen Sound to defend our democracy. Please join in on Wed  13 June at 5:30 pm - (1131 2nd Avenue East, Suite 208, Owen Sound ON, N4K 2J1)

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