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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shooting the Messenger

So our local Federal 'Representative' one Larry I'm Not Starving Miller thinks that Canada should withdraw from the U.N. because they say that 800,000 Canadian households are "food insecure," meaning they can't afford to feed themselves properly. "Food banks that depend on charity are not a solution: they are a symptom of failing social safety nets that the Government must address," Given that the Food bank in Owen Sound supports over 600 people each month and that this represents only a small part of the Grey Bruce riding one would think that he would instead be pushing his colleagues to protect social support instead of cutting such systems. But then most of the social support funding comes from either provincial coffers, municipal funding or from individual donations so its 'not his problem', the high unemployment rates, the changes to EI which will make it more difficult for said unemployed to feed their families, the cuts to youth employment programs and so on have no bearing on such problems. (that’s sarcasm folks)

It is clear that Mr Miller is fully in the clutches of the Conservative mind set which says that any organization or individual that disagrees with them must be withdrawn from, dismissed, defunded, investigated or otherwise insulted, ....be it a highly respected environmental organization or a world wide assembly of nations. Facts are such an inconvenience when you are trying to 'con' the voters into thinking you are the greatest regime since..........

Here are a few figures for you Mr Miller, we know your salary, try renting an apartment and feeding your family on a fraction of that. Nearly 10% of FAMILIES bring home less than $25,000. One final note before I move on, the report also says that “Since the mid-1980s, annual hours of low-wage workers fell from 1300 to 1100 hours. Those figures are Canada averages from 2007, I suspect it is much worse now and our rural area is even more challenged with low income.

The UN may not be perfect but at least they are trying to get the facts and have a conversation about such things and not wearing blinkers that only allow a narrow ideological view. Time to remove the blinkers Mr Miller.

For a slightly less restrained point of view see http://blunt-objects.blogspot.ca/2012/06/larry-miller-idiot.html

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