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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Owen Sound Mayor says fishing agreement will work.

Whilst I applaud Mayor Haswell's efforts to get all sides talking about the recent fishing agreement with the Saugeen Ojibway Nation it is clear that such discussions should have taken place before the agreement was put in place. That it did not is clearly the fault of the MNR, working in secrecy seems to be the new normal for all levels of government in Canada!.
Mayor Haswell has said that folks should read the agreement before jumping to conclusions as to how it affects the commercial and sports fishery, easy to say but very hard to do! When this agreement was announced I tried to do just that, no reference to said agreement could be found on the MNR site let alone the actual text, a second search today came up empty also, it could be there but if so is well hidden. No news stories that I have read provide a link to such a document and several make a point of saying that it was not generally available at the time of publication, it hard to read an agreement that is not generally available to the public.

I believe much of the concern about this issue could have been avoided by a more open and public process and that any future news stories should provide a link to the document (if indeed it is available online anywhere)

I would be pleased to post such a link here if someone can provide it, lets all base our opinions on facts not speculation and could someone with clout get the MNR to smarten up and provide easy access to such documents!

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