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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring arrives in the Klondike Hills.

After a long winter of sitting on my arse looking out the window and wondering if spring is ever going to come it looks like it finally has. It seems late but is probably about usual for this area, we were so spoiled last year with summer like weather and temps into the 70s in early April that this spring seemed to be forever getting here. The long list of 'honey do' (mostly self imposed) begins to translate into 'honey get on with it' and I find that the old bones are not cooperating too well after the lack of any real 'exercise' over the winter. Somehow the need to get up to refill my glass is not the same as moving gravel to get ready for pouring the shed floor or blocking the logs dragged our last year for this years firewood!

Anyway I accompanied the Mrs in a gentle stroll around our forest trails Tues morning, it being one of the first sunny and warm(ish) days this year and the sight of Ma Nature poking her head up and saying spring is here and life continues lifted my spirits. On our walk I saw these leaves of a Trout Lilly sticking up through some moss at the bottom of a maple tree and thought 'this is what it is all about, a fresh start, put last year behind you and look ahead to new growth'. A simple picture, no pretty flowers or dappled sunlight but somehow it depicts the essence of spring to me, enjoy... (click pic to enlarge)

That my 'list' outpaces my 'ambition' suddenly does not seem quite as big a deal as it did a few days ago, thanks Ma....

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