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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lessons Needed

With spring finally here the last thing we need or want here in Ontario is an election that invariably will result in simply more of the same and even more wasted taxpayer dollars. As always Peter Russell puts things in perspective.

Opposition Leaders Need Lessons In 
Minority Government
by Peter H. Russell

The reason Ontarians are threatened with .an election they do not want is the difficulty opposition party leaders are having in learning some basic lessons about the realities of minority governments.

Not every policy issue requires a partisan political solution.
Canadians are fed up with the excessive partisanship that pollutes their politics these days and creates the environment of a perpetual election campaign.
Its time for Ontario’s opposition leaders to adopt an approach to politics that responds to our times and our wishes.”

And that goes for ALL our political partys federal and provincial from one coast to the other!

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