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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Goderich Eatery

You wont often see restaurant reviews here, I am much too comfortable in my country hideaway to spend much time on the road or in town however I did recently make one of my rare trips away from home. Over my working years having become totally tired of the workingman’s box lunch routine I ate at many restaurants and in that I am a vegetarian found that my choices were usually Grilled Cheese or Fried Egg sandwiches with an occasional omelet being available. Not exactly fine dining (not that I would even want to spend big $$ to wait forever for two mouthful’s of food 'presented' in a fancy manner) but a few places did provide a decent meal within these limitations.

That all said I recently did go on a field trip to accompany my family to celebrate my granddaughters birthday and comply with her wish to visit some museums, our choices being Goderich Museum, the historic Jail and the small Airport Museum depicting details of those flyers who were trained during the 2nd World War at several air bases in SW Ontario. After trampling around the first of these an exercise that involved several sets of stairs (yes there is an elevator but I just followed the younger set!) we were ready for lunch and my daughter recommended The Grill on Courthouse Square (err- its a circle!) and after several circles looking for a parking spot thats where we ended up.
I was truly impressed, the menu in particular is fantastic particularly for vegetarians, super all day breakfast menu with omelets galore and even extra choices of ingredients and a particuarly wide range of other choices. The others (non vegetarians) were well satisfied with their grub also, good choices, good food, good service & good prices (av $12 per meal for 6 of us). Prob the best choices and meals I have seen in a restaurant for years!!!

I am pleased to recommenced this establishment should you ever find yourself in Goderich, Ontario and whilst there check out the dozens of different trees planted around the Court House across the road that were planted to replace the many trees destroyed in the 2011 tornado that destroyed much of the town.

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