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Friday, May 29, 2015

A Teaching Moment?

Re Ontario Elementary and Secondary Strike Threats

Kids, now would be a good time to 'negotiate' changes to how your teacher teaches. Why not tell them you want more control over how much homework is issued, and what the subject is, and tell them you want to hand it in when you feel like it. If you dont get your way tell them you will refuse to answer questions in class and if that does not work you will walk out.
When they tell you that they are the teacher and you are the student and they set the rules, and since most of you have been getting As for years they see no reason to change their teaching methods, remind them that they are the employees and your parents are the employers so refusing to negotiate is not an option.
Perhaps you should also ask for padded seats, larger desks, more field trips (all expenses paid for) and guaranteed As no matter how good or bad your work is.

Just saying!

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