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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Green Party of Canada Convention

The Green Party of Canada is having their convention in August and as with any political party will be considering a number of resolutions on policy and governance. Unlike any other party the grass roots membership can view and vote upon these resolution on line, this post will then be of primary interest to existing members of the GPC. Others however will be able to get a small insight into the things that are being considered (and as with any political group that covers a spectrum of opinion) and will find links to Vision Green the official green party position on a variety of topics.
These links to Dave Bagler's blog are then to make it easier for GPC members to make their decision, you don't have to agree with Dave (I disagree on several items) but you will find these a quick way to identify those issues in which you have a particular interest. Thanks for your efforts on this Dave! Please read the official motions before voting but do vote upon as many motions as you can.

BGM Resolutions Review



BGM Resolutions Part 1: Council Structure and Obligations

 GPC members wishing to discuss any of these motions in detail should do so in the non public members section of the GPC web site where they will find groups dedicated to the Policy, Constitution or Directive motions.
Democracy requires dialog, the Green Party of Canada includes all its members in that dialog why not join them.

UPDATE – For another point of view see “Sudbury Steve,s” Posts about some of the motions and the “spin” around them.

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