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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hydro demand July 7 - 3pm

For particular attention of those who say wind power (and solar) can replace nuclear.
Ontario Demand: (3pm Wed July 7) 24,974 MW

Operating Reserve Requirement: 1,453 MW
Today's Projected Peak: (at 5:00 p.m. EDT) 24,866 MW
SUPPLY Generation by Fuel Type:
Nuclear: 9,325 MW
Hydro: 3,759 MW
Coal: 5,050 MW  (Still over 20%)
Gas: 5,405 MW
Wind: 39 MW (0.16% of demand or 3.5% of installed capacity)
Other: 1,038 MW

Hourly Imports: 2,118 MW - Exports: 2,111 MW
Today's Generator Availability at Peak: 26,790 MW
Maximum Ontario Import Capacity: 4,600 MW (approx.)

From http://www.ieso.ca/imoweb/media/md_index.asp

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