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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sirens in the bush.

Recently we have been hearing whoops and wails coming from the back of our bush so whilst trimming our trails I took a detour to where I knew we previously had found a red foxes den. I fear Mr Fox is no more, for a family of Coyotes has moved in and upgraded the small entrance to a 2 foot diameter hole. The large mound of sand (numerous wheelbarrows full) at the entrance speaks to both the size of the den and to what’s within the side of the drumlin (glacial deposit) where they have taken up residence.

Nearby an area of 10 to 15 sq ft is worn bare of any vegetation where presumably the Kitts romp and play. Well defined trail lead away from the den in several directions.

This would also explain why our Grouse population seems diminished this year, no doubt the Wild Turkeys that wander through will take a hit also. I usually leave Ma Nature to do her own thing in our managed forest, interceding as little as possible so I do hope that they do not become aggressive, move up closer to the house or have a face off with our Australian Cattle Dog and force me to take a more active role!

Meanwhile it sounds like police, fire and ambulance have all parked in the bush with their sirens going. Ma Nature at work!

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