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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

GPC Launches Robogate.ca

During the 2011 federal election, Canadians in many targeted ridings across the country were contacted by automated calls (robocalls) and individuals providing false and misleading information.
These offensive tactics were deliberately used to weaken Canada's electoral process, discourage people from participating in our democratic system, and in some cases preventing people from voting.. These actions are crimes, under the Elections Act.  The extent of the black ops political interference may rise to the level of election fraud.  
The existence of a well-orchestrated, complex and extensive scheme to interfere with the right of Canadians to vote is far more serious than the sponsorship scandal.  
Since this story broke on February 23rd we have received over 12,000 emails from concerned Canadians on this issue.  This attack upon our cherished democratic institutions demands an immediate response. 
Last May, Elizabeth submitted a formal complaint to the Commissioner of Canada Elections regarding the numerous complaints she received in regards to fraudulent robo-calls.
On Monday, Elizabeth May rose in the House to request an emergency debate on this issue. Though this request was denied Elizabeth remains a vocal and informed voice on this issue in the media calling for a formal independent inquiry and changes to our electoral system.
March 3rd, Elizabeth joined Toronto-Danforth by-election candidate Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu for a press conference to outline the Green Cleaning Solutions for Dirty Politics
As part of this plan the Green Party suggests that the resources and powers of investigation for Elections Canada be expanded and rules added to the Elections Act to specifically prohibit impersonation of any government body or political party in phoning or communicating by any means with voters. In addition, Elections Canada investigations must be completed in a speedier fashion.
Today we launch our own campaign to allow the voice of Canadians to be heard on this critical issue.
Robogate.ca will help Elizabeth May turn up the heat on the Conservatives to call an independent inquiry into this scandal.
Here’s how you can help:
  • Report your experience with Robocalls.
  • Sign the petition calling for a full independent public inquiry.
  • Share the page on your social networks.
Here’s what Robogate.ca will do:
  • Engage Canadians to speak out on this issue and demand a public inquiry;
  • Keep people informed about the investigation and provide all the latest developments;
  • Provide evidence of the election fraud as the investigation unfolds;
  • Enable Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands and Leader of the Green Party of Canada to demand a public inquiry in the House of Commons by tabling petitions. 
Tune in to hear the latest from the Hill, as well as media from around the country.
Further information and ongoing insight into this Election Fraud can be found at Democracy Under Fire, The Sixth Estate, and many other news and blog sites on-line.

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