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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lying Cheats or Cheating Liars?

Despite all the efforts to deflect the allegations of electoral manipulation it is now pretty clear that thousands of phone calls were made, both automated and from 'call centers' during the last election specifically designed to piss folks off enough that they would fail to vote. Whether they misdirected voters to a non existent poll location by pretending to be from Elections Canada or harassed folks late at night pretending to be an obnoxious Liberal or NDP caller it also seems pretty clear that said calls were aimed at anyone but Conservative supporters. The spin emerging from that party, who lets face it are the masters of spin and have an ever increasing department dedicated to producing it, is starting to fall apart, the lies are floating to the surface of the scum that passes for accountability these days.

I will not here even try and detail all the revelations over the last week or so, you may have seen SOME references to them in the MSM but for the most part that is only part of the picture, our on line community are gathering vast amounts of information yet to hit the evening news. Whilst you may have heard about the 31,000 complaints that EC has received (a massive increase over any previous volume) you may not have seen all the riding where citizens and opposition partys have come forward with allegations of wrongdoing, that currently being 77 riding and climbing daily. See the Sixth Estate list for an up to date list with links.

Over on my other blog at Democracy Under Fire I have added a permanent page where I will try and keep up with the major developments in this affront to our democracy. Only public pressure will get to the bottom of this, the Harper Regime has to date shown no willingness to commission a full public inquiry (hardy surprising given their distaste for ANY factual information on anything) and Elections Canada do not seem to to have the resources or the urgency needed having taken till now to reveal that they were 'investigating' complaints from just one riding (Guelph) and still have no real 'evidence' as to the perpetrators.

If you received such a call or are aware of any other interference with the election process it is not to late to make a complaint to Elections Canada or simply add to the Sixth Estate's database of fraudulent calls. This is Canada not one of those countries where a dictator fixes the election to suit his own needs...... or then again, maybe it is!

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