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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot

As it hits 29.5 here in SW Ontario I start to understand those in the south survive the heat, this is probably my first experience of these kind of temperatures with little humidity, we usually have humidity of 85% or so with these temps. It actually quite pleasant to sit out in the shade and do nothing. I am NOT going to go out in the sun and work up a sweat however, even at 50% humidity.
With it this hot however even a cold beer does not seem to cut it, and an iced rum could lead to all kinds of bad things if it 'tastes good' and 'feels like another! SO, having made some sparkling cider for the first time last fall I figured it was a really good time to test it...... OH, WOW! This is defiantly on my to do list for the fall, clear with little sediment, just a little sharp, and enough sparkle to make it interesting.....but after half a glass I was thinking the rum may have been a better choice! Best cider I have imbibed since visiting Somerset in Jolly Old Great Britain and getting totally tanked on 'Scrumpy'. Perhaps not the best drink to cool one off on an August day in March but Woooowww, it does taste like another and did hit the spot but methinks I had best wait awhile before 'retesting!

Ok.... shared a second one with my son and it went down just fine but now having trouble with my typing and the arthritis must be kicking in as I am walking right funny....thank you spell check - or you guys would figure I was inebriated or something, only 10 corrections in that paragraph, time to stop writing....

Have a great summer in spring, tornadoes in March, floods in winter or whatever your particular weird weather is bringing you.....

After all there is NO climate change!

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