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Monday, May 19, 2014

Carpet of Green ....and White.

As things warm up and spring showers bring May flowers our walks around our forest trails reveal an ever changing kaleidoscope of green with new colours added or fading each day. The yellows of the Trout Lilys have now been replaced by the whites of the Trilliums and that green carpet of Wild Leeks is now interspersed with 1000s of white flowers.

Further along our walk we see that almost every Maple key that hit the ground germinated so the green carpet now includes thousands upon thousands of Maple seedlings, we saw this about 5 years ago and it is interesting to see that about 20% make it to the second year but by year 5 its less than 5% still growing. Natural selection based upon location, climate and other factors before our very eyes!

Elsewhere the ferns are uncurling, the Canada, Dog, Smooth Yellow and Long Spurred Violets are in flowers and in response to the inquiry to a previous post, yes, we now have Morels popping up in our lawn and under the 100 year old Pear tree.

Spring in the Klondike Hills.....I love it!

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