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Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Ontario Election – my take!

The NDP have decided that the “cannot support the Liberal Budget” despite it being a very 'labour friendly' budget. Too friendly in my opinion, the Ontario Pension Plan can be considered a worker friendly measure or a business tax depending upon you point of view and no doubt increases the cost to both worker and employer but for those who refuse to save is perhaps necessary, would that the feds would do a little more.

There is no doubt in my mind that Billions must be spent on infrastructure upgrades, transportation services (both urban and rural) and improving BASIC services for Ontarians, there is also no doubt but that unions of all stripes need to be reigned in (particularly public unions), for those increasing number of us in the 'lower income' bracket simply cannot afford their ever increasing demands. We all know these things will never happen for soon as ANY increasing in taxes or spending (particularly for those who can most afford it) it is quickly slammed by said upper crust.

Whilst I thought that it was not the right time for increased payroll deductions and investment into an enhanced pension plan (unfortunately many of those that DONT or WONT save land up on the welfare rolls which the MUNICAPLALITES pay for through property tax) I found the budget fairly good and I wonder what the alternative is. More BS from the Cons no doubt, and more 'poor bloody unions' from the NDP? There is also no doubt that the former Lib inner circle tried to buy the last election in ONE riding by reversing a decision to build a generation station where it was needed but not popular after it was contracted and partly built. The new leadership is wearing this one with much help from those who would put the thirst for power before cooperation and the current reality of the Ontario economy.

The result of this expensive struggle for power will undoubtedly be another minority government and in my view it could go any which way. Regular readers of my blogs will know that I dislike the Harper Regime with a passion and I put Hudak in the same category, I have no time for MPs or MPPs who totally reject an opposing point of view before it is even presented and debated. I do have some respect for the NDP and their leaders rather understated attempt to 'work with' the minority government but am greatly concerned that they will not stand up to the public unions who are now holding us all up for ransom (not that this has changed much under any government).

There is but one thing which Ontario needs and that is JOBS, how to actually achieve that is open to debate and I certainly cannot see any easy answers, although self employment and small business would seem to be the obvious sector to target. The days of a secure job that will support you and you family for decades is long gone (unless you work for the government in some manner perhaps) so taking you future into your own hands as much as possible is perhaps the best strategy.

So to sum it up, its seems that it is an unnecessary and expensive exercise that will resolve nothing, create more unrest and uncertainty and leave folks like myself wondering which of the useless political parties to support (I know, I know, I am supposed to vote for the candidate but that too is a bit of an exercise in futility!)

That’s my take but I am not happy about it! Where the hell is that 'non of the above check box?

We all feel helpless in having ANY input to those that would propose to form government but for rural residents one small thing you can do (before May 7th) is participate in this survey:-
The Rural Ontario Institute wants each of the political parties to articulate how their platforms address rural priorities. To help formulate these “questions of importance to rural Ontario,” please take a moment to respond to this short survey and let us know what YOU think are the priorities.

Click here for the survey.



Anne Harper said...

Hudak terrifies me, Howarth doesn't have a solid idea about anything in this province and the Liberals are corrupt and untrustworthy (as if you could ever trust a politician).

Rural said...

Its going to be a very tough choice Anne, will the protest vote go to the Greens I wonder.

Anne Harper said...

The Greens are the only choice in this election...

Rural said...

Locally we have a very energetic and outgoing Green candidate, Jenny Parsons, but as always its going to be hard to beat the 'established partys'
See http://www.gbosgreens.ca/WP_V1_0_0/?page_id=498