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Saturday, May 10, 2014

New arrivals and New Growth

I am going to try and make an effort to post a little more about our nature trails, forest flowers and our feathered friends here on my 'Rural' blog. It is after all these things that make me happy and content and made even more rewarding having waited for months & months & months for the end of winter so that we could enjoy such pleasures.

Today we were treated to an influx of summer visitors some of whom made themselves known by singing about their flight in and others who simply pigged out at the feeders. Unmistakable in their song were the Baltimore Oriole & Rose Breasted Grosbeak, at the feeders we saw the White Crested Sparrow on his way further north and perching on the tree tops awaiting some insects to catch were or regulars the Kingbirds.

Our Chipping Sparrow has been here for some time and has totaly taken over the feeder just outside our living room window.

Until now the forest flowers, apart from the Hepitica which is always the first to flower, have been sitting waiting for temperatures to rise and the sun to come out. With temps suddenly going from +5 to +20 in the last couple of days along with a little spring shower or two both our cultivated and wild flowers are just jumping. In the bush the Trilliums are just opening, the Bellwort showing colour and the Trout Lilly giving us an exceptional show.

In open areas the violets are out but it will be a few days yet before all the different varieties in the bush will show their face. The only good thing about our Canadian winter is how GOOD it feels when its over and Ma Nature celebrates with a burst of colour and fresh growth. I just love SPRING!


Anne Harper said...

Any leeks, fiddleheads or morels that grow around your property?

Rural said...

The forest floor is simply covered with Wild Leeks and Trilliums right now and our many ferns are just starting to uncurl their fronds. Some years we have an abundance of Morrels under the old pear tree but I have not seen any yet this year.