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Monday, January 26, 2009

Everlasting Winter

I am not sure at this point what is more depressing, following federal politics or looking out the window! The depressing part is that we can do nothing about improving either in the short term, the good thing is that the snow and cold will go away given time, the political winter I’m not so sure about.
Here just east of the great lakes it seems like forever since we have had any amount of sun, the forecast says sunny and cold but the best we seem to get is bright overcast which just does not seem to have the same effect as bright sun. I have been trying to get my soil and seed trays ready for early seeding in the hotbed but need a couple of days of sun on the greenhouse to get the temperature up to the point where it is fit to work in. I find my ambition to do anything comes and goes exactly in correlation with the amount of sun we get, I am sure some quack will have a “syndrome” name for it but for me its just the promise of spring getting my hopes up followed by the realization that it aint gona happen anytime soon.
Judging from the wood, or more correctly the lack thereof, in the wood shed it has been a cold and dreary winter so far, I can see that by March we will be dragging wood in from next years supply still sitting out by the barn under a pile of snow. Seems I can never get enough cut, each year I say “I think we are ahead of the game this year” only to find by spring that our efforts in the bush were not quite in line with our winter fire feeding efforts! Cutting the stuff aint bad its getting the right conditions to haul it out without destroying the undergrowth or getting the tractor stuck, too wet, too dry, flowers and ferns are just showing ……or maybe its just excuses to not work. Still right now I wish we could get back there and do something, I forecast a surge of ambition come spring!

The political and economic forecast is not so good ……. Squalls and damaging winds with no chance of improvements for the foreseeable future. Residents are advised to hunker down and ensure their survival supplies are stocked up.

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