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Monday, January 26, 2009

Throne Speach double speak

Just a few extracts from the throne speech, what was said and what was not said…..

They want a government that sets clear goals and delivers concrete results. A government that is accountable. But as we have clearly demonstrated that government is not us, we will not be held accountable for our actions, we will do everything in our power to stop any inquiries into our previous actions.

Strengthening Canada's Sovereignty and Place in the World
Our government will bring forward an integrated northern strategy focused on strengthening Canada's sovereignty…. New arctic patrol ships and expanded aerial surveillance will guard Canada's Far North and the Northwest Passage. However we have just canceled the call for tenders for new ships for artic patrol and will therefore be funding a fleet of Inuit kayaks.

To ensure that our institutions reflect our shared commitment to democracy, our government will continue its agenda of democratic reform by reintroducing important pieces of legislation from the last session, including direct consultations with voters on the selection of senators and limitations on their tenure. However the senators that I just appointed will not be included in these reforms because I want mostly Conservatives in the senate so that I can get my own way.

Our government will recognize the views of farmers, as expressed in the recent plebiscite on barley, by enacting marketing choice. But the farmers are wrong about the wheat board so we will continue to try and stack the voting to block the farmers wishes.

Climate change is a global issue and requires a global solution. Our government believes strongly that an effective global approach to greenhouse gas emissions must have binding targets that apply to all major emitters, including Canada. Canada has already engaged the international community at APEC, the G8 and the United Nations and will continue to press for a new international agreement that cuts global emissions in half by 2050. Any attempt to come to a consensus that does not 100% agree with our position will be blocked, we will vote against such initiates because we then might have to actually do something.

Trust this lot, I think not, the proof is right there in the throne speech!

WOOPS, as Cristal points out that was the speech from the last parliment, what, just a little over two month ago, however the commentry is still valid! The new one says nothing so we will have to wait for the buget speech!

Full text if this years here http://www.sft-ddt.gc.ca/eng/media.asp?id=1384


Chrystal Ocean said...

Umm, you're quoting from last Parliament's Throne Speech, I think. The one given today is here.

Good summary of the last one, tho. :-)

Chrystal Ocean said...

Hold your horses!

As I commented after you over at my blog, your summary of the last Parliament's throne speech may well be prescient - which would make you ahead, not behind, the game!