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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Green Stimulus Package

The Green party has produced their own proposal for a stimulus package, a few extracts (the ones I particularly like) are shown below. The full document can be viewed at http://www.greenparty.ca/stimulus-package

Establish a federally funded Small Cities Green Venture Capital Fund to support viable local green business start-ups.

Provide assistance to family farms so they can supply supermarket chains by supporting companies or co-operatives which will offer warehousing, refrigeration, packaging, marketing and selling to enable small farms to compete with large farms.

Support new capital investment in updated manufacturing equipment, waste reduction, and the production of biofuel from wood waste and new manufacturing to transition the forest industry into modern value-added industry as opposed to a focus on low value products and raw log exports.

Improve rail infrastructure and intermodal connections, increasing joint federal-municipal light rail investments, as well as improving VIA rail service nationwide. Build separate passenger rail lines where needed from coast to coast in addition to the existing freight rail line and install high speed commuter trains between Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa to reduce air travel and assist an efficient workforce.

Establish a fund to provide emergency bridging distress loans to help people avoid foreclosure on their mortgages and enable them to restructure their mortgages.

Whilst I don’t agree with it all (you cannot please all of the people all of the time anyway) there is little that I realy object to. Whether it is viable in a finantial sense is something folks far more informed than I would have to decide. We know its not going to happen right now but it is still well worth the read, we need all the good ideas we can get.

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