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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Political Games

I was trying to avoid comment upon the budget, there is already so much commentary circulating the net as to make it more confusing than it already is, besides whatever WE say will have little effect anyway. I will however comment upon the REACTION to the budget, particularly that from our opposition leaders. Jack Layton’s attack dog comments regarding the Liberal position was bad enough, but now to learn that he has taken a leaf from the Conservative manual and produced advertisements doing the same, leaves me shaking my head. Not attacking the budget or the government mind you but attacking one of the other opposition partys that just a few days ago they were encouraging to form a government with!

The Liberals were I will agree just a little to easy upon the budget and should perhaps have proposed more amendments, but I do see their point, if such amendments were not supported by the rest of the opposition then what, dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t. Layton did clearly say that he would not support any amendments, saying that to do so would give legitimacy the budget, so he wanted a taste of power or nothing. There is little doubt that the Liberals have decided to let Harper wear the problems that we will see in the next while with a view to increasing their popularity down the road. I cannot strongly disagree with this given my desire to make sure that the Conservatives are reduced to a much less influential position next time, but are they also more concerned for the party than the people? Probably.

The Conservatives continue to play the games at which they are so adept, the budget which was basically forced upon them by the threat of defeat by the coalition contained just enough to keep the liberals at bay and their own party not totally alienated. In point of fact the only good thing about it is that both “right” and “left” sides are equally pissed off so it is perhaps middle of the road. I do not believe for one moment that the figures given out by the government will prove accurate or that all of the commitments will be met. The spin will continue to raise so much dust that few if any will be able to see the real picture and thus little has changed.

It is a sad day indeed when the only leader I can have any respect for is one who’s avid intent is to split up the country, but the Bloc leader is at least consistent and honest with his intention. He rarely does the attack dog thing and compared with the rest looks like a real leader! Oh how I wish we had a few Greens in the house to give us a rest from these partisan politics, they are looking better and better each day with their concern for our democratic process, their concern for open dialog and their concern for our planet, their platform aint too shabby either!

Thank you Jack, I am now off the fence and it’s a lot greener on this side.

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