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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Grey Bruce Blogs

The following is a list of local blogs (or web site that include blogs) in the Grey Bruce area, unfortunatly seveveral of them do not have comments enabled but they are of local interest. Bloggers who wish to be added to the list can simply reply to this post and I will add them to the list. A permanent link may be found in the sidebar.
A reciprocal listing would be appreciated, feel free to copy the post to your blog.


The Mumpsimus Blog

The Rural Canadian

Farmer Ryan's Blog

Mr Writer

Shane Jolley


The South Bruce Peninsular


janfromthebruce said...

Hi Rural,
I just saw this link you did, so I added a link to my side bar too - Grey Bruce Blogs.
Just for a heads up, the following blogs are not operating now, and unless you have an update from them, you might want to remove them: Shane Jolley, Radio Free Collingwood. If they have changed locations or names would you send them to me, so I can add to my link list - thanks!

Finally, this was a good idea and thanks so much for creating this link list - J.

Rural said...

Jan, thanks for dropping by, if you have heard of any more of us in the area please let me know, I searched but did not find! I have been in touch with Shane and have been pushing him to get his blog back on line, he says he is working on it, it was up briefly yesterday so I hope it will be back on line soon.

Anonymous said...

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