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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chatsworth Wards for 2010 Municipal Election.

Have just been told much to my surprise that I am in Chatsworth ward not Sullivan as I had thought, I requested a map of the ward boundaries for clarification. My thanks to Will Moore at the township office for his assistance with this.

Ward 1 (Chatsworth) consists of the village of Chatsworth PLUS all the surrounding areas south of Grey rd 16, east of Con6 and north of Side rd 5 in the former Sullivan township PLUS the area south of the Holland-Sydenham townline, west of Veterans rd N and north of 20 sideroad in the former Holland township.

Ward 2 (Holland) consists of all of the remaining township to the east of Hwy 6

Ward 3 (Sullivan) consists of all the remaining township west of Hwy 6.

The map is pictured below, I have added a few place names and road names to make it easier to tell where the boundaries are. Click image to enlarge.

For a list of those who are running for a position on council see my previous post or the Chatsworth Municipal web site.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chatsworth mayor retires. (updated)

Its official, Mayor Howard Greig has announced that he will not be seeking reelection in October. Howard served at various times as councilor, deputy mayor and mayor for the former Township of Sullivan since 1982, he has served as mayor of the Township of Chatsworth since amalgamation in 2000.
Chatsworth. Council has, under the guidance of Howard been, so far as I am aware, a cooperative and non confrontational venture unlike the constant sniping and personal attacks that some other local municipalities have, and still are, experiencing. Both Howard and the current councillors must be thanked for their efforts on our behalf, I suspect that their work is all too often taken for granted .
There have been no marked increases in property taxes in recent years which considering the downloading and/or reduced funding of mandatory programs from upper levels of government is no small feat. I hope that the new council will continue this tradition of cooperation and fiscal responsibility.

Tom Kuglin has also announced he will not be seeking re-election and deputy-mayor Bob Pringle is seeking the mayor's position.

Unofficially, with a week to go before nominations close here is the list of those standing for positions on Chatsworth Council. The list is subject to change up until nominations close at 2:00 p.m. on September 10th, 2010 at which time the official list will be published on the township web site where further information may be found (unfortunately in a PDF download).

(Final list updated Fri 10th 7pm)

Mayor (1 to be elected at Large)
BOB PRINGLE (current deputy Mayor)

Deputy Mayor (1 to be elected at Large)
TERRY MCKAY (current councilor ward 1)

Councillors (3 to be elected, 1 from each Ward)

Ward 1 (Chatsworth Ward)

Ward 2 (Holland Ward)

Ward 3 (Sullivan Ward)

The Election will be by mail in ballot which residents should receive early in October. The Election will take place on Monday, October 25, 2010 . The township will not be publishing any personal information on the candidates and I therefor invite the candidates to provide me with their CV and/or their reasons for standing for council. I will then publish it here for the benefit of our citizens, an email link is provided in the side bar of this blog.