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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Teachers Job Description

I don’t often agree with Tim Hudak, In fact I cannot recall ever having done so before, but on this one he is correct. The only real surprise is that this is not a defined part of their job already, Interaction with the child that they are teaching parents should, indeed must, be a part of their job description as must reporting the progress of said student.
"Teaching is a profession. That's how teachers in the profession see their job and it should be that way in the definition in the Education Act. Let's actually have the definition of teacher reflect what teachers have always done, and will always want to do." Hudak said.

And This......

Tory education critic MPP Lisa MacLeod said Ontario must prevent union leaders from intimidating teachers with the threat of fines.
“It’s none of their business how our teaching professionals use their volunteer time. We will prohibit these bullying tactics in law,” she said in a statement.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Keeping Up

Oh boy! Where did the days go, here it is mid January (although you would not know it looking outside at the freshly revealed grass) and I still had that snowy xmas picture on the front page. I keep telling folks that you cannot expect folks to visit your blog if you have nothing new to say on it on a regular basis so this is just a desperate attempt to avoid that trap. Not that my readership is that large or that what I have to say here is that compelling!

There is however one post made a few months ago that is getting hundreds of hits and continues to generate reader comments, it seems that the post about the loss of broadcast TV to rural folk and the provision of a free but temporary solution by Shaw has received a lot of attention. There are many problems facing our country right now with Harper messing with our environmental protection, our research institutions, our parliamentary rules, our very democracy and they each get some attention..... but dont mess with our entertainment eh!!

A typical post here gets around 50 'page visits' but the post rural-satellite-tv currently has 2500 hits, many of them I suspect from folks googling around trying to find out what the hell happened to their TV signal in that there is very little information out there to say who is doing what when it comes down to shutting down transmitters. I just think there are a lot of cottagers who had best pack some board games this summer........

There now. I have written something and can go hibernate in my cave for another week or two if these record high temperatures dont keep me awake in the meanwhile.