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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Is it Spring Yet?

Apparently not! More frigging snow yesterday, overnight temperatures getting down around -20 and no sign of any prolonged period above freezing in the forcast. On the good side we are now getting a few sunny days to bring the greenhouse up to a balmy 60f on occasion and bring on the gardening itch!
It seems I have had very little to say on these pages of late, I must admit to this winter bringing me down, the winter blaas, cabin fever, call it what you will but I begin to understand how some folks can become seriously depressed during long periods of little sunlight and enforced periods of little outdoor exercise.

In my own case it is not helped by my 'interest' in federal politics, or to be more precise the never ending decline in our democracy enabled and encouraged by Mr Harper and his group of oligarchs. I do hope my 2 or 3 readers are taking notice of his latest effort to disenfranchise voters and handcuff our Chief Electoral Officer. Its depressing & troubling to watch when there is little to do to stop him but talk about it and put a little public pressure on the Harper regime but as much as it may feel better to ignore these things we must fight for our democracy or loose it!

But enough of that, on to the next winter induced problem. Our wood pile is depleted and we have just a few hours of burning left, the reserve wood pile way back behind the barn has already been dragged up to the house. Not an easy operation given that we had 2' or 3' of snow between us and it, good job the neighbour farmer has a big blower our little Fergi tractor struggles with 6”! Then there was the removable of snow from the barn roof where the beams were cracking with the weight, shoveling wet cement whilst standing on a slippery sloping tin roof is not highly recommended for old retired farts, or for anyone for that matter. I did get the critical area cleared before taking the unintended big slide to the snow pile below, fortunately the pile was high and the drop short!!

So thats the way it looks in these county hills as we wait for that elusive spring. As my cousin in England talks of daffodils and snowdrops we here continue to be more consumed with keeping warm and snowblowing. Is it spring yet?