A longtime rural resident, I use my 60 plus years of life learning to opinionate here and elsewhere on the “interweb” on everything from politics to environmental issues. A believer in reasonable discourse rather than unhelpful attacks I try to give positive input to the blogesphere, so feel free to comment upon rural issues or anything else posted here. But don’t be surprised if you comments get zapped if you are not polite in your replys.

Web Favorites

Favorite Blogs. (in no particular order!)

Northern Reflections
Owen Grey put thing in perspective from northern Ontario.

Im Political
One of the best political commentary by a blogger in Canada, much less active of late.

Another fine political commentary from Hamilton, Ontario, also rather quite in recent times

Senator Elaine McCoy Hullabaloos
One of our Senators joins the blogging community! Only posts occasionally.

The Agenda - The Agenda Blogs
Part of TV Ontario’s web site, home of The Agenda hosted by Steve Pakin. (dialuppers have patience)

The Galloping Beaver
A collaboration of several great bloggers, a daily must for political junkies. (Text comes up first so read whilst waiting for pics)

The Green Corner
Monique from BC blogs about permaculture & sustainability.

Progressive Bloggers
A great aggregator of progressive blogging posts.

Canadian Green Bloggers
An independent aggregator for Green bloggers

Government and Democracy.
Harpocracy.ca —
One of the many sites counting Harpers record of misdeeds.

The Harper Index
More of the same about more of the same!

Elections Canada On-line
Just so you can see how few Canadians really care, did not vote, or voted against democracy.

Vive Le Canada
Home of the fight against integration and harmonization with the U.S. Much information on NAFTA and SPP if you dig deep.

Canadian Electoral Reform
A site exclusively about just that and why we desperately need some changes in out electoral system.

Democracy Watch (Canada)
A excellent site for information upon the attacks on democracy from within and without our parliamentary system.